Got Milk? My Experience Using Lactation Cookies Review*

Earlier this week, I was lucky enough to be sent some 'MammaNutta' Lactation Oaties from The Pregnancy Food Company to try out. So, I'm writing this blog post as a sort of review of them.

What are they used for?

These oaties are great for helping to boost milk supply, and I definitely noticed an increase in the quality of my milk too. The consistency looked much more 'milkier', so I'm super pleased about that! My boobs certainly felt fuller, so when I need to be pumping more, I know I'll definitely be ordering some more!

Who can use them?


They are great for pregnant and nursing mamas as they are packed full of organic and natural ingredients so make a great guilt-free snack. However, you don't have to be nursing or pregnant to be able to enjoy these.

These tasty treats are also vegan friendly too! For a full list of allergens and ingredients, please visit the website here.

First impressions

I first came across this company on social media, and instantly knew that I'd love them. As a breastfeeding mum, I often feel guilty about some of the things that I'm eating, because Edith eats what I eat. I've been on the look out for some indulgent, yet healthy snacks, and I've finally found some.

On arrival, I was so eager to get into the box, which was well packaged. I received two different types of oaties - peanut butter & dark chocolate and hazelnut & cacao - which I can assure you taste super fresh and yummy. My particular favourite was the hazelnut & cacao ones!

I couldn't wait to enjoy these with a cup of tea!

Would I recommend?


Not only is it great to have a guilt-free snack, but Laura, at The Pregnancy Food Company, was so friendly that I wouldn't hesitate to ask any questions.

The size of the individual oaties was really reasonable. I like to think that I don't eat huge portions when I have a snack, but these were just the right size.

The oaties themselves, are great value as well. I've come across other brands before, and I've always been put off by some of the prices, however, when a product is as fresh as these were, I think they are very worth it. For a box of 8 oaties, they are just £4.99 which I think is great!

Full information on these 'MummaNutta' Lactation Oaties, can be found here.

Any negatives?

I loved these little snacks, but I think Edith would agree that the only downside was that I did spill some down her whilst I was eating these and nursing her at the same time, but I think every nursing mama is guilty of this!

Have you ever tried lactation cookies? Did they work for you?

Thanks, lovelies.


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This post was written in collaboration with The Pregnancy Food Company, However, the views in this post remain 100% my own. 

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