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I was recently tagged by my lovely friend Lauren at Diary Of A Spanglish Girl to take part in answering some questions about autumn. The questions have been set for me via her post, so go and take a look at it here, as Lauren has different questions and answers to me!

Rather than rambling on, I'm going to get stuck right in because autumn is my favourite season, so writing about it shouldn't be too much of a problem!


1. Describe your feelings of autumn in three words.

Change. Cosy. Comforting.

2. What three things do you hate about the season?

Well, autumn is my favourite season so there's not much for me to hate. I guess, one of my biggest dislikes about the season is the leaves falling into my garden. I have a huge tree in my garden, so when the leaves begin to fall, they all land straight into my garden. 

Again, to do with leaves, one thing that is always a let down is walking over a leaf that looks cripsy, but in reality, is soggy. I always feel tricked when it happens - is that just me?

Lastly, maybe the rain? I like the cooler weather, but I don't like the rain that often follows. Luckily, the weather has been pretty dry for a while, which has been lovely with the cooler weather. I like to be able to wear my Uggs in autumn, and uggs mixed with rain isn't a good combination!

3. Autumn or spring? In your opinion, what's more romantic?

Autumn, hands down. There's something about being able to wrap up warm and have cosy date nights that feels more romantic to me. Although, date nights have become a thing of the past!

4. Which fashion trend you often prefer in the autumn season?

I'm not sure I really follow a trend anymore. I have wardrobe staples that make a reappearance every year which are my cosy knit jumpers, Ugg boots, hats, coat and scarves. Once they are all out, I just throw on whatever I can at the time and hope that Edith doesn't spit up on me!

5. What's your favourite thing about Disney in autumn?

Hocus Pocus. I cannot go through autumn and not watch it. It's my absolute favourite Halloween film and is great to watch with the whole family. 

In terms of Disney parks in autumn, I've only ever been to Disneyland Paris. My favourite time is to visit during an event, and during the Halloween festivities was a great time to visit. Seeing Disney shaped Halloween decorations, and watching the Halloween parades was really special as I'd never done it before until 2016. I don't enjoy scary Halloween activities, so Disneyland Paris during Halloween was perfect for me.

6. Do you like baking in the autumn season? If so, what do you bake?

I like baking whenever, but I don't often get the chance or have the motivation to do it. I can't say I've ever baked anything related to autumn like a pumpkin pie, or anything like that. I've had a go at making my own soup though, which was tasty but it's not quite the same as having a fresh bake!

7. Do you love travelling in autumn or enjoying the season at home?

I'm not a traveller. I like what I like and I stick to it. I tend to just stay at home during Autumn, but then go away during winter. There's something about watching the day grow shorter, and cosying up with a blanket on the sofa that just says autumn to me. I wouldn't like to be away from that.

8. Which place do you wish to visit in the autumn season?

A place on my list to visit was my local pumpkin patch, and it did not disappoint. I've got an upcoming blog post on it, so be sure to check back in and find out how we got on. 

9. Fairy lights or candles? What's your choice in autumn?

Candles always win. Fairy lights are pretty, but I like to be able to see the flicker of the flame, and having the scent fill the room. 

I don't have a favourite scent to burn during autumn, in particular, but I do have a Maple and Whisky Candle Company called Main Street Bakery, which is perfect to burn in autumn. It has a very cinnamon-y scent to it which just reminds me of autumn. 

One of my favourite candles, which I always burn in October is Angel Wings by Yankee Candle. October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month so it feels right to burn this one in remembrance of all of the angel babies. 

10. Share your favourite quote related to autumn.

"And all at once, summer collapsed into fall" - Oscar Wilde

Well there we go! I hope you enjoyed reading my answer's to Lauren's questions. 

The bloggers that I'd like to see complete this tag are:

3. Eileen
5. Amy

My questions for you guys are:

1. What do you love most about autumn?
2. What's your least favourite thing about autumn?
3. Do you have any autumn family traditions?
4. Describe your ideal autumn day.
5. What's your favourite autumnal meal and drink?
6. What's your favourite autumn movie?
7. What's your autumn wardrobe staple?
8. What reminds you of autumn?
9.  What's your favourite place to visit during autumn, and why?
10. Do you have a favourite beauty products that you always use during autumn?

Thanks, lovelies.


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