Things you should do when you're pregnant.

I thought I'd write this post about some of the things that you should do when you're pregnant. There are so many new studies out there telling mums-to-be what you shouldn't be doing, which is absolutely great because it's important to be well-informed when pregnant. Sometimes though, it can make a woman feel like they are losing themselves when pregnant, because there are a lot of things that you can't/shouldn't do, so almost puts a negative outlook on pregnancy. 

So, I thought I'd focus on some of the positive things that you could do when you're pregnant. After all, pregnancy is such a unique experience, whether you enjoy pregnancy or not, so let's focus on what you can do, rather than what you can't!

Take photos

It's so secret that I loved being pregnant, so taking photos was never a real issue for me (plus, I love the camera!). However, I know so many women that did not enjoy being pregnant, and so did not want to take photos of themselves, but I also hear those women saying that they can't remember what it was like being pregnant, or what they really looked like. I love photos. I love being able to look back at them.

So, even if you're not enjoying being pregnant at the time, there may be a time where you wish you could look back. So, whip those cameras out and make some memories!

18 v 34 weeks pregnant
Accept all of the help

People love a pregnant woman, and in my experience, are keen to extend their help. Accept it. Pregnancy can be hard. No, it is hard. Your body is in absolute overdrive, and the level of exhaustion that I felt when I was pregnant was crazy. So, if you're out and someone that you're with offers to carry your shopping, or offers to drive you somewhere because you're too uncomfortable behind the wheel, or even just to make you a cup of tea, then accept the help. It's not about losing independence, but rather learning to put yourself and your baby first, and there's no shame in it. 

Don't listen to the horror stories

Our society loves to tell negative stories, but I rarely hear positive pregnancy/birth stories. That doesn't mean to say that I think everything is sunshine and daisies, but let's try and focus on the positives for a change, shall we?

Just because one woman's experience is different to yours, is irrelevant. Just because someone's birth wasn't what they wanted, doesn't mean yours won't be, etc. We're all quick  to compare our lives and we forget about our own. again, pregnancy and birth, is unique so let's treat it as such!

Have a baby shower

Celebrating your baby before their even born is such a surreal thing. It's also great to not have to be part of the planning, if you don't want to be! 

There are so many different themes and ideas that you can put forward, and watching them happen and celebrating with close friends and family, is lovely. Also, cake is good too!

Gender Reveal?

This seems to be becoming more popular, so of course I couldn't stop myself when I was pregnant. It was a great way to be able to tell people that we were expecting a girl! Again, cake is good too! 

There are so many different ideas for gender reveals too from balloon popping, cake cutting, hand painting on t-shirts. It's definitely something that I'm glad we did. I found Pinterest was a great of finding inspiration for ideas and you can follow me here, if you fancy!

Keep a diary

As pregnancy, in reality, is such a small amount of time in a woman's life (although, it can feel like forever!), it can be easy to forget what it really feels like.  So, keeping a diary can help a mum remember just how those kicks felt, or what a particular week in pregnancy was like. Plus, just like taking photos, it's a lovely pregnancy keepsake that are nice to look back on!

Was there anything you wish you had done when you were pregnant?

Thanks, lovelies.


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