Why I don't share my daughter with the online world

In this post, I thought I would address the reasons why I decided to not to post photos of my daughter online. I have been asked, more times than I can count, as to why I crop her face, or only post the back of her head. So, I thought that I would finally make a post on it now.

Stranger danger

Let's start with the obvious - the internet is full of strangers. That doesn't mean to say that I think it's full of weirdos that will use photos of my daughter, but you never know. There are strange people everywhere, of course, not just online, but you can never always know who is sat behind the screen. 

I don't like the idea of strangers having access to E's face. My own face? I'm not bothered because I have chosen to have social media, this blog, etc. I have made the decision to put myself out there, whereas Edith has not. 

Sharing is caring

I am by no means saying that I do not take photos of her. My phone is absolutely full of photos of her that I dread to actually think about just how many I have taken since she's been born. Crazy. 

As we live far away from family, I do have a private group for us to all share photos of Edith and her little adventures, which suits us perfectly. I do also share photos of Edith with people, within reason. I mean, as long as it's someone that I know rather than a random person just asking to see a photo, in which case the answer would be no, but I'm not sure that would actually ever happen.

What a lovely back of the head!

Over sharing

Another reason is that I'm not fond of people having an opinion on my child. Everyone has an opinion, of course, but I'd rather Edith not yet be subject to that just yet. Edith is her own person, and I would like people to actually know her, rather than thinking that they do just because they've seen a photo online.

When I was younger, there was no such thing as social media (I'm not that old, I promise!), but I know for a fact that my parents would not have had the opportunity to stick photos of me online, because it wasn't a thing, and I like that. It gives an element of privacy

So that about clears up my reasons for not posting Edith online. I am by no means writing this post to bash others who do post photos online, because social media can be a great way of sharing. This is just one of my parenting decisions. 

What are your views?

Thanks, lovelies. 


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  1. I do post Emily online as you know however, I never really thought twice about it. I have had a scary experience a couple of months ago which made me rethink my decision but I felt it's a bit passed it now as her face is everywhere. It really did make me think though.

    Your reasons are all valid! If I had thought about it sooner and properly I'm not sure I would have made the decision to share x