Weaning - First thoughts

I certainly didn't expect to be writing a blog post on this quite yet, but time flies

As Edith is now 5 months, it means we have one month until we are expected to start weaning her onto solids. So, I thought I would write a post on my first thoughts about weaning, and I won't lie but I am so nervous!

When will we start weaning?

Not before Edith is 6 months old. I know many parents wean their babies before this mark, which is of course, up to them, and if Max had his own way, she would be trying things already! However, I am happy to wait until 6 months as Edith seems content with her booby milk. 


As with any parenting decision, there seems to be so many conflicting opinions about what parents should and shouldn't do when the time comes to start weaning. Honestly, it seems that there is a battlefield with every parenting decision which ultimately means that I feel clueless!


Why am I nervous? Fear of the unknown, I guess.

When a baby is born, every parent knows that they need milk, whether that be breast or formula. Easy. Food seems to be a whole other ball park - How much do you offer? What do you offer? How often, etc...

There's a part of me that doesn't want to admit that my baby is getting bigger, which I'm sure most parents feel at some point. I just want to enjoy her being a baby for as long as I can, but giving her food feels like such a grown up thing to be doing!

I know deep down that we will find our groove, just like with everything else. There is also a part of me that is excited about Edith starting solids. I can't wait to see what she likes and dislikes, although if she is anything like her dad, there won't be much that she doesn't like!


To prepare us for the start of weaning, I bought a baby-led weaning (BLW) book, that I was recommended by a friend - it's great (from what I've managed to read so far!). 
We were also invited to a local weaning support group which was run by our local Healthy Together team. 

I'm the kind of person that needs to feel prepared. I need to know what I'm doing and when I'm doing it. So, I'm currently trying to take in as much information as possible!

Getting the time to read a book, or rather finding the motivation to read a book is hard work but I know that I need to do it in order to feel prepared.

Weaning items?

We have recently been on a bit of a weaning shopping spree. I'm hoping that all of the bits that we've accumulated will come in handy, which I'll be sure to write an update on once we get started.

To start us off we have bought:

A highchair
Weaning bibs
Soft spoons (not metal)
Suction grip bowl (I'm not sure how useful this will be with BLW)
Nibbling nest
Sippy cup
Breast milk storage bags

Edith's weaning goodies!

We bought the storage bags, as I'm keen for Edith to use my milk in her food, as opposed to full fat cows milk. So, hopefully I can build up a stash in the freezer for her when we start weaning!

How did you feel at the start of your baby's weaning journey?

Thanks, lovelies.


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