Our first trip to the zoo...as a family!

It still feels like a dream when I'm able to write posts like these, but I thought I'd write an update about our first time taking Edith to the zoo!

Going out with a baby is not as easy as it may seem. There's lots of preparation that goes into organising days out. Pre-Edith, we could up and go whenever we fancied which is not as easy with a baby in tow!

Lemurs are my absolute favourite animal to see at the zoo!


Max had a week off, which was amazing. It's the first proper time since Max's Paternity Leave that we've had an extended period of time together as a family. So, alongside all of the house jobs that, of course, needed doing, we also decided that we would make sure to have a family day. 

Originally, we had planned to go to a waterpark, but I was very unorganised and did not book, which meant that we decided to go to the zoo. It turns out that going to the zoo was a much better idea. We had such a lovely time at Twycross Zoo, which is one of the closest zoos to us. 

Baby wearing at the zoo.


Once we had decided that we were going, I made sure to get our Tula baby carrier out. I love it. It's such a comfortable and lightweight carrier that makes it so easy to carry Edith. Plus, she enjoys being up high (higher than the pushchair, anyway!) and taking in all of her surroundings. I also thought to myself that zoos aren't necessarily buggy friendly all of the time!

Of course, as a mum, I know that I can never go out without a whole bag full of items that we might need. Including multiple muslin squares and nappies. I did however, manage to forget to pack more wipes - cue Max having a panic when Edith has had frequent 'poo-namis' (I'll let you guess what that's like!). 

Nap times

Edith has managed to get herself into some sort of a routine when it comes to naps. This is entirely led by her, but it's safe to say that the zoo definitely tired her out. There were so many things that she obviously hadn't seen before, so it was very tiring for her to take it all in. We carried on looking around the zoo whilst she slept in her pram.
Giraffe man

Monkeying around!


As a parent, one of my favourite things is to watch life through the eyes of Edith. I just adore watching her gaze in awe at some of the things that we take for granted, and it makes me fall in love all over again. 

Watching Edith enjoy all of the animals (particularly the monkeys!), was so wonderful, and I think I can speak for Max too when I say that it made our trip all the more enjoyable.

Mummy cuddles

She loves her Daddy.

Where are some of your favourite days out? 

Thanks, lovelies.



  1. Sounds like the perfect day! I'm so glad you went with the zoo, so much fun :D You got some lovely photos too xxx

    1. Thanks, it really was! I have to say, it was your zoo trip that made me want to take Edith! xxx