My Breastfeeding must haves.

It's International Breastfeeding Week, so I thought I'd dedicate a post to some of my 'must haves' when breastfeeding. I've done a post on some of my favourite baby items, so I thought I'd make another about what I find useful when nursing. 

Muslin Squares

Firstly, these are a lifesaver. We never leave the house without one, and I never sit without one by my side. They go everywhere with us. 

Since the weather has been so hot, I've been sticking to wearing nursing vests to keep me cool, but with nursing vests, it means that my whole boob ends up having to be out, so to keep things discrete, I stick a muslin cloth over my shoulder and over my chest. I never cover Edith with a muslin because, would you like to eat your dinner with a blanket over your head?

We all know that babies are partial to spitting up after their food, so the muslin comes to the rescue again. Basically, every parent should have some to hand!

Nursing clothing

When pregnant, I was sat on the fence about breastfeeding. I thought I'd give it a go and see how it worked out. Obviously, I love it but I didn't know that at the time, so I spared myself the expense of buying nursing clothing. 

Once Edith had established my supply, and my confidence grew when feeding in public, I knew that I would have to invest in some nursing clothes. At the time, I was so put off by the thought of breastfeeding clothes, because I thought they had that mumsy look to them. However, I've found some great and comfortable clothing that I will definitely miss wearing once we finish feeding (hopefully, not for a while though!). 

Nursing bras, tops and dresses have been my must haves when feeding because they just provide that ease of access in a discrete way, and most of the time you can't actually tell that they are nursing clothes!

Nipple balm

In the early days, this was my saviour. I don't think I'd have got by without a decent nipple balm. So, ladies, make sure you invest in some to keep those nipples from getting sore in the beginning!

Breast pump

Now, I don't pump to put into a bottle, but I do pump if I need to give my boobs a bit of a boost. I have a few different pumps, but by far my favourite is the Medala Swing Electric Breast Pump. It's definitely the most comfortable one to use, for me. 

I also have a Haakaa breast pump, which is silicone and I use that to catch my let down. I found the Haakaa so helpful as I would use my let down milk to make Edith some breastmilk lollies, which were fab for her sore gums and great for hot days!

Teething/breastfeeding necklace

These are such perfect accessories. I initially bought one just as Edith was starting to grasp things, and I also bought it because the name of the necklace was Edith! 

When Edie is wide awake and nursing, her curious hands often wander, usually towards my normal necklace. So I didn't want to chance the possibility of her accidentally breaking it. So, I looked up these necklaces and came across a fab, independent business called Seb and Roo. Not only are these necklaces super handy, they are great as a statement piece of jewellery and they are also dishwasher friendly - result!

What are some of your breastfeeding must-haves? Leave me a comment!

Thanks, lovelies.


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