DIY Sensory Water Play.

I thought I would write a post on how we got on with a little DIY sensory activity at home. As I am at home with Edith, everyday it can be a struggle to try and mix the day up with different activities to do with her. I love to encourage her to learn new skills, and just learning in general, after all, babies are like little knowledge sponges - they soak it all up!

So, after I'd been thinking about what I could do with Edie, I was given the idea through one of my friend's blog posts, which you can read about here and I knew that I had to give it a go. 

Setting up

I'd recently bought a 'splash mat' online, ready for weaning, which is basically a big, easy wipe, plastic sheet, and it was perfect to use on top of the carpet to keep the floor dry. The one we have also had lots of bright coloured hearts all over it, which added to the sensory activity for Edith.

I used a standard baking tray, from the kitchen, and then placed tin foil over the top, mainly to make sure the surface area was nice and clean, but the foil also makes a crunchy noise when being splashed, which Edith loved. I then used approx 120ml of water to pour onto the tray, as it was quite big but not very deep.

Finally, I took out some of Edith's bath ball toys, a baby spoon and a rubber duck - A random combination, but it worked a treat.

Simple, but effective.

Well received

Edith seemed to really enjoy her little DIY water activity. She was straight into the water as soon as I put her down, which is always satisfying when your child actually enjoys the things you do for them!

One thing that I also added was her tummy time roller. Edith has recently mastered the ability to sit unaided, but tends to rest on her legs with her tummy when she gets tired of being upright, so I decided to lay her down over her roller, which meant she was able to be closer to her toys.  

Next time

As Edith enjoyed water play, I'm keen to encourage her to try out different textures in play. So perhaps, once Edith is older, I will try and attempt home-made paint or playing dough. Hopefully, I can try and make some DIY ornaments too. Keep your eyes peeled!

What are your favourite sensory activities to do with your baby?

Thanks, lovelies.


I would not recommend leaving the baby unsupervised at any point when carrying out this activity. Safety of the activity is 100% determined by the supervising adult, and therefore, is at their discretion with how they intend to carry it out. 

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