Post-partum life.

I thought I'd write a post on some of the changes that my body has gone through since having Edith. No, I won't be talking about my physique as such, as I've already written a previous post on that. However, those that have had babies will know that your body doesn't just go back to what it was pre-baby, and regardless of how my body looks with clothes on, I can assure you that it isn't all sunshine and daisies.


This is one of my biggest hang ups since giving birth. My hair before pregnancy, was pretty thick and luscious, if I do say so myself. Most people notice a difference in their hair during pregnancy, but I can't say that I did. However, post birth, my hair is falling out. When I say falling out, I mean in clumps. It's not something I've been used to, and I can grumpily say that it's driving me bonkers! 

Everywhere I look, I find some of my hair. Somebody please tell me that it will get better soon? Please? 


One thing that I've loved since having Edith is my skin. I've never had particularly good skin, especially not when pregnant, which you can see here. I'm not really sure what's changed, hormones probably, but my skin feels great. I hardly ever get a breakout, and if I do, then it's no where near like it was. 

One of my current favourites to use on my skin is Nip + Fab skincare. It smells fab, and leaves my skin feeling so clean!


I love doing my nails. I never get them done, as I have my own nail kit, but after having Edith, my nails went so brittle. Again, pre-pregnancy, my nails, like my hair, were always strong and in good condition. So, I certainly had a shock when they would bend and snap at the slightest touch. Gradually, they are regaining their strength...finally!

My nails are growing healthily again and feel back to normal!

Tender tatas

So, I'm pretty fair skinned, and I always have been. Tanning has never been my forte, but I've never wanted a tan more in my life. I'm assuming because they are working hard to make lots of booby milk goodness for Edith, that my chest has become, what resembles, a road map.

Obviously, breasts are bound to change shape, size, appearance during pregnancy, but I think I was naive to think that they would just look normal post-birth. I was wrong. Veins. Veins everywhere!

Keepin' those tatas covered!


When in the hospital, I remember clearly how often the midwives would drum into me that the baby blues were common. Frequently, I'd be asked how I was feeling, and every time they asked, the answer would always be 'great'. I did feel great. I'd just had my baby, and I was in my perfect baby bubble with Max, and feeling so grateful for motherhood. 

I can't say I ever felt down. I do remember having a cry because the cats wouldn't stop annoying each other, but I think that was all. Emotionally, I was, and am, in a good place post-birth, but if anyone reading this is struggling, please, please, please speak out about it because there is absolutely no shame in it!

How did you feel post birth? Were there any big changes that you noticed with your body?

Thanks, lovelies.


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  1. I've had a lot of the same changes as you, my hair is coming out in clumps, my nails are shocking and my boobs are veiny. I will say that I have a lot more 'down days' then I ever used to, especially just after birth. It was a bit of a shock because although I was so so so happy to have my perfect little baby and my perfect family, I think the trauma of the birth had an effect.

    I think hormones just mess you up. I think I cried every day for the first week or two but I cry less now!

    This was such a great post!! xxx