Our First Family Holiday To Center Parcs.

It's been a while again, but I thought I'd update you all and make a post about our first family holiday since Edith was born!

I'll start by saying that we had the best time, and I'm so ready to book another break away.
My First Holiday!

Where did we go?

Back in October 2017, we decided that we would go on a big family holiday with my mum & co. Back then, I was only 15 weeks-ish pregnant, and I was apprehensive about booking a family holiday so far in advance, but we went for it. We decided to go to Center Parcs. 

Max and I had visited Center Parcs in France, however, I had never been to one of the UK parks, and it did not disappoint. We visited the Elveden Forest park in Suffolk. There's something so soothing about being in the middle of the forest, away from flowing traffic, and away from the 'outside' world.


I was particularly nervous about how much we would have to take with us, especially as Edith was only 12 weeks old. I was cautious to not over-pack, and I was pleasantly surprised that we still had room in the car! Of course, I managed to forget a few bits and bobs, but overall we seemed covered - result!

Sleep time

Another thing I was particularly worried about was how Edith would sleep. As every new parent knows, sleep is absolutely essential to function as a human being without turning into a 'mombie'. Edith is a great sleeper and sleeps through the night, and I was desperate to not have our break away affect that. I convinced Max to bring Edith's Next2Me and her Sleepyhead to ensure that she would be comfortable in her environment as much as possible. To some, that may be overkill, but it allowed us to get our uninterrupted sleep!


For those of you that have been to Center Parcs, you'll know that there are so many activities to take part in (if you fancy). When I go on holiday, I like them to be 'doing' holidays. I like to do things that I wouldn't usually do. I'm not one for relaxing by the poolside. So, what did we get up to?

With Edith being so young, I was conscious that there wouldn't be much that she could take part in. I was, however, keen to book a baby sensory session for us to enjoy with her. Obviously, when we arrived at our booking, she was asleep. She had fallen asleep 30 mins before our allocated time, but we still went. Luckily, once the group got started, she woke up and loved all of the bright lights and noises. There's something wonderful about watching the world through your child's eyes. 

Edith loved baby sensory

Max took part in some quad biking (cue me having panic attacks thinking he would crash!), whilst, I enjoyed some pottery painting, which Edith did not enjoy. Luckily, my mum was able to watch her so I could finish my master piece for Max! 

Happy Father's Day Max
12 week handprint

We also decided that we would play a bit of badminton, bowling, adventure golf and we also took Edith for her first swim! It was definitely a busy week, just how I like it. 

Growth Spurts

I'm convinced that Edith was in the middle of a growth spurt whilst we were away. She was particularly sleepy and hungry. I don't think I've ever popped my boobs out as much as I did whilst we were away. 

I must say, it was really great seeing so many breastfeeding mums around the poolside, and out and about. It made me feel much more comfortable in doing so!

Boobin' on the go!
Boobin' in the park


One of the nicest parts of the stay, was being in the forest. Hearing the noises of the wildlife and seeing them come up to our doors, was perfect. I think I can speak for the rest of the group, that it was something that we all missed when we got home. We had ducks, geese (to my dismay), squirrels and deer all approach our windows. Fabulous!

I'm terrified of geese, so you can imagine my delight!

Next adventures

Obviously, I can't sit still for long without having another holiday booked. So, of course, we have booked a holiday for Edith's first birthday to Disneyland! More than likely, she will not be interested in the slightest, but I'm so excited for her first Disney trip, if Center Parcs is something to go by. 

Our first family holiday.

How was your first family holiday? Did you pack enough? What did you get up to? 

Thanks, lovelies.


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