My first time public!

Now, before I wrote my last post, I did a poll on my Instagram page to see what people would like to see me write about. It seemed that my first public feeding experience was still something that people would like to read about. So, here goes!


I'm going to start off by saying that I felt quite anxious about publicly feeding E for the first time, which I guess is to be expected, because I can't say I've been in a position where I've got my breast out in public before...BUT, I need not have felt like that. 

Luckily, M was with me for the first time, which I'm really glad about because he is one of my biggest supporters and gave me the reassuring looks that I needed. However, even if M wasn't with me, I'd have to have fed E regardless because she was hungry. In fact, she wasn't hungry, she was hangry, and no one wants a hangry baby kicking off when they are trying to eat dinner!

Busy, busy, busy

I had decided that I really wanted to go out and eat. Eating out was one of the main things that M and I did as a couple. We love food. So, I pleaded with him to take us out and to conquer our first time of going to a restaurant as a family of three. Luckily, after a little persuasion, I managed to convince him that a yummy burger at Byron, was a much better deal than having a jacket potato at home.

When we arrived at the restaurant, it was prime dinner time, so it was pretty busy. E, at the time, was fighting sleep in her pushchair and began to give up the fight once we were seated. That quickly changed when our dinner was put on the table. It can't just be me that thinks babies have something programmed into them to instantly wake up when their parents get food?

Anyway, E was getting frustrated and clearly wanted feeding. So, that's what I did. 

Milk monster

At the time, I had a nursing dress on with its discrete, lift up flap that would provide easy access for E, and would also allow me to maintain my modesty. Let me just say that it doesn't bother me if a woman wants to sit with her whole breast hanging out whilst feeding, but I just prefer to stay covered up, unless I'm in the comfort of my own home. 

One of my friends, who is a breastfeeding mama herself, suggested that I stick a muslin square under my bra strap and allow it to hang down over my breast, just while I get E to latch on. I did exactly that, and once she was latched, I took it off.


Once E was happily enjoying her dinner, I quickly realised that I had been completely oblivious to my surroundings. It was at that point that the nerves quickly disappeared, and I felt silly for feeling nervous in the first place. No one else, in that restaurant, mattered at all. All that was important in that moment was E, and I also wanted to get on with eating my own dinner!

Days out

I have now breastfed in public a number of times, and it really doesn't bother me. I've come to realise that if there is an issue, then it's other people that have the problem, not me, and certainly not E. If anything, breastfeeding is natural and shouldn't make a mum feel like she is wrong for doing so. 

I have to say, we had ventured out, again for food and E, again, wanted feeding when our order came out. I wasn't phased so I got on with feeding her, when a lovely lady started to engage in conversation with me about E. Although the lady was lovely, I can't say her timing was great. I was sitting with my breast in my hand, ready to give it to E, all whilst the friendly lady was talking to me about my 'bonny baby'. Still, I have to laugh because it was a situation I couldn't have pictured had I not been a mum.


If there is one thing I'd love anyone, who was feeling nervous about breastfeeding in public, to take away from this post, is to not feel anxious. All that matters is the baby that wants feeding. If a random person has a negative opinion on that, then that isn't your concern either.

So ladies, grab a muslin square, and maybe someone that you feel comfortable with, for the first time, and whip that boob out!

Thanks, lovelies.



  1. This was such a great read. Thank you. I am 13 months into breastfeeding and will feed anywhere now (apart from my husbands doctors office, I just can’t! Lol) but I remember when I didn’t atarted venturing out, I would go back to the car, or stay in the car to feed her and I remember one time I even went into the toilets to do it. I don’t know why I was so scared but I was. I really hope that someone reads this and realises they have nothing to be ashamed of and it is completely natural. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate that. I was so, so nervous to begin with but I just whip it out for her now. She’s allcthat matter when she’s hungry. It’s definitely nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to continue to nourish your baby!


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