My breastfeeding far.

I thought I would write a post to document my breastfeeding journey, so far. 
Edith is now 16 days old, and I have been breastfeeding her since I was wheeled into recovery after my c-section, so to say I'm inexperienced would be to say the least. Anyway, I thought it would be worthwhile for me to write down how I've found it. 

I'm just going to point out now, that this post is purely my own experience, and fed is 100% best regardless of how a parent is feeding their baby.

Early days

So, from the start of my pregnancy, I was under the impression that I solely wanted to bottle feed. After some persuasion and encouragement from Max, my mind started to be turned and I decided that I should at least try breastfeeding, because, why not?

The further into my pregnancy, the more determined I was to breastfeed. If you've read some of my previous posts, you'll know that I loved being pregnant. I loved watching my body grow and nurture my baby, so I knew that I wanted that feeling to continue once Edith was born. 

The cuddles are my favourite.

Ready to go

So, in the hospital bed, I was being monitored for my blood pressure, and just generally having an eye kept on me. I was having my first cuddle with Edith, when one of the midwives, who was so supportive, came in and asked me if I was ready to try getting Edie to latch on for the first time. I said 'yes', of course and it's safe to say that Edith was going to be a pro because she just knew what to do. 


In that moment, I felt a rush of overwhelming love and just felt completely empowered. My body was feeding my baby. I remember looking over at Max, with a big Cheshire Cat smile, and feeling like, in that moment, my life was complete.

Edith was happy being at the breast, and stayed there until I got wheeled up onto the ward. There was something strange about being wheeled through a hospital, looking like a dishevelled mess and not having a single care in the world, apart from continuing to cuddle my baby.


Breastfeeding was going really well in hospital, until I hadn't realised that Edith didn't have the best latch on one of my breasts. It actually resulted in me getting cracked and very painful nipples...glam, right? No. It wasn't the nicest of experiences, and definitely tested my desire to breastfeed.


I knew that I wanted to keep breastfeeding, and I wasn't prepared to give up within days of getting started. I did lots of reading, and research to see how I could get more comfortable feeding Edith. 

There were times when she would cry, during the night, for a feed, and I would be filled with dread just thinking about the pain that was about to happen on my poor boobs. 

I ended up buying another type of nipple cream*, as well as using hot and cold compresses, hot showers and also savoy cabbage leaves. I was also making sure to continue feeding her, regardless of the pain. 

What about now?

So, more than two weeks on, I can happily say that we have established a great latch on one of my boobs, and the other one is on the way to becoming much better (it's still healing). 

I have also had a bad bout of engorgement, which was so painful. Luckily, with the help of hot showers ad massaging, it has now gone! 

What I will say, is although my experience has been far from perfect, so far, I am incredibly proud of my body and its ability to be able to produce Edith's food. I love that it gives me a bonding experience, that at the start of my pregnancy, I wasn't sure I'd enjoy. 

Do you guys have any tips to make sure the latch is correctly established, or just hearing some breastfeeding experiences would be great. Drop me a comment!

Thanks, lovelies.


* The cream that I bought was: Weleda Nipple Balm, which I purchased from Boots. I had tried another brand but I just didn't get on with it. 

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