C-sections and the last chapter.

I thought I would make one last post before our baby makes her grand entrance. I also thought I'd write this post, as this is our last weekend as just a couple, before we start the next chapter in our relationship and our lives.


So, I haven't actually updated, anywhere, apart from close friends and family, but I am having a cesarean section next week (the date is a secret though!).

As some of you may have seen, I updated about week 37 and how it was a very stressful week for me, and was very emotional. It lead me to come to the conclusion that a scheduled C-section would be in my best interests mentally, so the amazing doctors, who were so kind and patient with me, got us booked in straight away, after I explained my concerns.

Am I nervous? YES. I know I came to this decision, but it's still going to be a life changing day for us and I will still be under-going major abdominal surgery. However, I'm sure any worries/anxieties that I have will be quickly forgotten about when our baby is handed to me. 

Elective C-section

So, I'll end up doing an update on how my section goes, but it might not be for a little while, or at least until I can be comfy enough to sit and write!

But, my experience so far has been pretty good. So, after I was given the date for my baby girl's birthday(!), I was also given a date for a Pre-Assessment appointment. During this appointment, I had to go and speak to the anaesthetist to see if I had ever had anaesthetic beforehand, and whether I'd had any reactions to it before. I was also talked through the procedure that awaits me!

On top of all of the information that I'd already been given, I also had to do a screening for MRSA, as well as being given some medication to take beforehand. 

My pre-cesarean goodies.


I find it crazy to think that in a few days time, Max and I will no longer be just Max and Amy. We will also be Mummy and Daddy. This baby has been two years in the making and it's so surreal to think that our time is finally here. I am, of course, still nervous because I'm having a baby. Like, a real, actual baby. However, I'm also quietly confident that we will all completely and utterly embrace our new life as a three. 

The last chapter

The subheading almost makes it sound like I'm closing the lid on us. I'm not. I'm just so ready to embrace 'the next chapter'. This weekend, we are taking it easy and just enjoying the time off - together. I also can't bear the thought of walking around too much, as I found out that baby is half way engaged, so is now pushing down on my pelvis - glam right?

Signing off

I guess the next time I update, our little miracle will be here and I can update you with my C-section experience, as well as my first thoughts into motherhood. For now though, here's one last bump photo!

Thanks, lovelies.


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  1. So exciting! You both will be wonderful parents ❤️