A few pregnancy truths

I thought I would treat you all to a post about some of the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to my pregnancy. I'd like to think that there are more positive aspects, than negative, but let me assure you that my journey has not been as peachy as my social media perhaps suggests.

Finding out...

I found out I was pregnant at 3+5 weeks, on the 14th July 2017. It was the most nerve racking and wonderful surprise. We had not been 'trying' as such that month, as we just couldn't be bothered. After two strenuous years in our relationship, we had reached the end of our tether, so to speak and just didn't want to try as hard as we had been. I think this was mainly due to us thinking we would be starting fertility treatment the following month. However, our miracle, rainbow girl has other plans for us. 

Our rainbow is coming!

Early days

I was very anxious, given our past. I know that probably sounds mysterious, and I promise I'll make a post regarding our struggle after our baby is here, but yes, I was very anxious. 

Some people couldn't understand why I was letting this uncontrollable anxiety flood me, but I did. I ended up having to take some time off of work, as I wasn't coping well. I also had a crazy amount of nausea. 

From 6 weeks, I was suffering with awful nausea and just ended up wanting to stay in bed or laying down on the sofa. Luckily, Max was so supportive and completely stepped up and helped me with anything that I needed. However, from 8 weeks, the nausea upped its game, as did the emotional turmoil that followed. All I'm going to say is, hormones.


Now, pregnancy isn't a walk in the park. Even the easiest of pregnancies have their rough days, and that's ok. No one can be perfect all of the time. This is something that being pregnant has taught me. It's taught me patience. That it's ok to be moody. It's ok to be clingy or needy. Pregnancy is such a beautiful time, that should be treated as such. I totally appreciate that not everyone loves being pregnant, which again, is ok. However, growing a human is such a blessing!

The changes that the body go through though, are incredible. The body I know now is no longer the body I once knew.

The good

For the most part, even despite my early woes, I have loved being pregnant. I have a new found respect for my body, that I didn't know was possible. 

Pre-pregnancy bod.
Before, I was a size 8 and I'd reached a point that I thought I was comfortable with my body. Then I got pregnant. It was everything I wanted and I was so keen to watch my belly expand. I was even excited by the idea of stretch marks.

Personally, even with the weight gain, which there has been plenty of, let me assure you, I have never felt so comfortable, or confident in my own skin. I love knowing that my body is working hard to grow, and nurture, my baby. 

32 weeks pregnant.
The bad

I'm not going to lie, one thing that does upset me is my belly button. I have always had an 'inny' belly button that was perfectly masked by a piercing. However, I got to 20 weeks pregnant when I decided that it was time to say goodbye to my beloved piercing. As my pregnancy progresses, my belly has been stretching and stretching, and now my once deep 'inny' was now a very flat, non-existent belly button. 

I also have a very big stretch mark that goes over the skin of my piercing, which is actually painful from being stretched. Ouch!

Another 'bad' thing that I need to mention - bum cramps. What?! Oh, yes. Bum cramps. They are a thing. They are painful and uncomfortable! Every night, since about 20 weeks pregnant, I have suffered with these horrendous cramps. They make me wake up at least once every hour, which with the added toilet trips, in the middle of the night, make for a recipe for disaster. Especially when a good night sleep is something that pregnant women crave. So, totally not a glamorous aspect to pregnancy to explain that you get cramp in your backside...

The ugly


Oh yes. I've had terrible acne throughout my whole pregnancy. It sucks. I suffered badly as a teen and I had finally reached a point where I felt confident with my skin, after the helpful use of an antibiotic cream prescribed by my dr. However, it was not recommended in pregnancy, which meant 'goodbye clear skin, hello acne!'

The ugly truth...

Luckily, I managed to try out a healing balm from Tropic Skincare, which has been so helpful. It's bought down the redness and the frequent outburst of angry spots. It's safe in pregnancy and is an all-rounder balm, so it can even be used on stretch marks. I'd definitely recommend stocking up on this, if you're pregnant and suffering with breakouts!

My pregnancy skin saviour!

I will definitely miss my big belly. I've been pretty lucky that I've had a relatively smooth pregnancy, apart from some of the nasties that I've mentioned. In the grand scheme of things though, I couldn't have wanted more from my experience.

I have never loved my body more.

I get that not everyone will love pregnancy, and again, that's ok. But I know I will absolutely miss it! 

What are your thoughts on pregnancy? Did you enjoy being pregnant? Let me know any thoughts or feelings in the comments!

Thanks, lovelies.