First time mum and hospital bag packing...

So, as the title suggests, I am going to be a first time mum, and this post will concentrate on what I've packed in my hospital bag (and baby's) far!

I know that everyone has had different experiences with what they needed whilst in hospital, after having their baby, and also what they didn't need. So, I've obviously packed what I think I will need. If anyone has any extra suggestions, leave me a comment!

Luckily, we don't live too far from our hospital, and my husband will have to keep popping home for our 3 cats. So, if I do realise that I need something, or I've forgotten something, then at least he can pick it up for me (thanks, hunny!).

Anyway, I' m waffling again...

My hospital bag
I think it might be easier to write a list of what I've packed, so here goes:

2 x Boots own brand Maternity Pads - £1.29 (10 pads)
1 x Travel size toothpaste (and tooth brush)
1 x Travel size shower gel
1 x Travel size dry shampoo (I've been told this is a MUST, especially after baby is born!)
12 x Morrisons Maternity Breast Pads - £1.47 (40 pads)
1 x Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream tube (40ml) - Boots £10.49
Roll on anti-perspirant  
Hair brush and hair bobbles

My cosmetic bag to hold all of my travel size minis 

Pads, knickers and cream!

Clothing -
2 x T-shirt Nighties
1 x Strappy Nighty
6 x Full Briefs
Dressing Gown
Flip flips
Maternity Leggings (for leaving hospital)
Baggy Tracksuit Bottoms
Nursing Bra
2 x Nursing Top
1 x Baggy Top

I've also packed my phone charger and I'll end up packing a bit of make-up. That probably sounds ridiculous to some people, but I've suffered particularly badly with acne throughout the whole of my pregnancy, so I'm definitely going to want to cover it up, especially with all of the newborn selfies!

Packed bag - Disney bag...obviously.

I couldn't resist these slippers to take to the hospital when I have my rainbow girl!

Baby's hospital bag
Toiletries -

1 x pack Water Wipes - Boots  £2.70 per pack (60 wipes)
1 x Sudocrem Care & Protect cream (30g) - Boots £3.14
1 x MAM Soothers (I'm not sure we will use these, as I want to establish breastfeeding first, but will pack them anyway!)
1 x Pampers New Baby Nappies - Boots £4 (22 Nappies)

Clothing - 

1 x Swaddle blanket
1 x knitted blanket (It's beautiful!)
2 x Newborn baby grow
1 x 'Coming home' outfit
1 x Newborn Long Sleeved Top
1 x Newborn Leggings
2 x Newborn Short Sleeved Vests
1 x Newborn Short Sleeved Vest
3 x Socks
3 x Bibs
3 x Hats
3 x Scratch Mits
1 x Comforter Toy (with her name on!)

Inside baby's bag!

So, there we have it! That's everything that is packed in mine, and baby's, hospital bag. I will be packing a 'snack bag' for my husband as well (and no doubt I'll nibble my way through it too!), but again, will not be going overboard because we have the option of him popping out if we need anything else.

If anyone can think of anything that we will desperately need, for our stay in hospital, then drop me a comment and let me know!

Thanks, lovelies.


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  1. I’m glad the charger is included. I’m going to need a play by play of baby’s first hour on Earth. 😝