Did someone say 'Baby Shower'?

So, I thought I would dedicate a post to my amazing baby shower!

I need to point out that this is something that I didn't think I would get to experience for myself, or at least, I didn't see it in my foreseeable future.
I've mentioned in a previous post that I will address my journey to pregnancy, but for now, it isn't something that I'm ready to share whilst still being pregnant, so please bear with!

My beautiful baby shower cake.


I think it's safe to say that, although I didn't expect to have my own baby shower, I did still have high expectations for what I would like. Pinterest became my main place for inspiration for what kind of theme I wanted for my shower! (I will link my Pinterest account at the bottom of this post).

We did have a gender reveal party, where some of our friends/family found out our baby's gender, so after that I knew that my baby shower would have a heavily pink theme to it. However, I also wanted to have subtle hints of rainbows throughout.

I was lucky enough that my mum organised the whole thing, and it was wonderful. She had managed to find a beautiful keepsake for my girl's room which would go on to include the finger prints of everyone who attended - so cute!
My mother-in-law also made me a beautiful cake for the day, which was rainbow themed with hundreds and thousands...yum!

I love this original keepsake!

Celebrating the bump

This was such a big thing for me - to have everyone celebrating my baby, but also celebrating my pregnancy. I know that my mum was super anxious for the whole day, because she wanted it to be perfect, which it was - thanks mum!

She had arranged for the shower to be held at a nearby coffee shop, which I had visited before and LOVED. It's pretty quirky and had a great amount of space. The coffee shop were nice enough to keep staff on after their closing hours for the shower to take place, so we all had our fill of delicious food and drink!

Any way, I arrived and then the celebrations began. There were lots of games, lots of laughs and lots of photos. I felt so overly grateful for everyone that arrived as I'd had friends and family travel from all over the country...and from other countries! It makes me feel incredibly blessed that people would travel so far to come and share this special time with us.

Baby girl is so loved already!

Games, games, games!

Just as any baby shower seems to go, we had our fair share of games to play. They were so much fun, especially when the winners, of whatever game, were awarded with a baby shower medal and certificate (not that I won any of the games...Uh oh)! 

Some of the games included 'measure mum's tum', 'who knows mum best?' and the not-so-yummy 'guess the baby food' game. The last one being particularly bad, especially for a pregnant woman's heightened sense of smell, when one of the jars was 'my first spaghetti bolognese'...delicious.

Who knows mum best?

Measuring my ever growing bump.

Of course, there were also party favours for everyone that came to celebrate which had a range of cute rainbow inspired goodies in there. My mum had also organised a little favour bag for me, which included a 'Mummy-To-Be Survival Kit'. Although I had received so many beautiful presents, this one in particular really struck me as it made me have one of those 'I'm actually going to have a baby soon!' moments. I have to say, I don't think that it will actually sink in until she is here.

The favours.
My survival kit!

I will be forever grateful for this day, and I know that I certainly didn't want it to end. Alas, I'm sure everyone that came to celebrate will also be visiting once baby is here, which calls for another celebration, but until then...

Thanks, lovelies.

A. x

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