A 25th Anniversary, 7th Birthday and 28 weeks pregnant.

So, I'm back from Disneyland Paris, and as promised, here is a post about my personal experience about going to Disneyland whilst pregnant, as well as everything else on the way!

So, my husband, brother, sister and I all took a trip to Disneyland Paris. We had had this trip booked since Jan 2017, so it was a long time coming! However, although we were trying to get pregnant, I don't think I had anticipated actually being pregnant in Disneyland, but we did it!

As some of you may know, Disneyland Paris is currently celebrating their 25th Anniversary, until September 2018. The decorations were absolutely beautiful and were a welcome change from the usual decorations that they have up at Christmas time. On past experiences, the decorations are usually red, however, in light of the current celebrations, they have been changed to blue, so the park definitely had a different feel to it.

We booked our trip with the knowledge that my youngest brother would be turning 7 whilst we were there, as his birthday is New Years Eve! I can't think of anywhere better to spend a birthday, than in a Disney park, on New Years Eve with all of the amazing things to do there. They did have a special New Years Eve soiree, which required special tickets and a wristband to gain entry. Luckily, my travel adviser had booked all of this for me, which made the trip all the more easier.

I've realised that I have spent a lot of this post waffling about Disneyland, and not actually mentioning what it's like being there and being pregnant, so here goes...

I had done some research prior to our trip, to find out if there was anything that could make the trip easier for me. I think I've mentioned in another post that I have SPD, due to pregnancy, and so walking and standing can be arduous for me. So, after my research, I found out that Disneyland Paris offer a Priority Access Pass for pregnant women. They do also offer these passes, with different rules, for other conditions/disabilities, however I'll only talk about the Expectant Mothers pass. 

So, in order to gain one of these passes, simply take an up to date pregnancy letter or something confirming your pregnancy (sorry ladies, your bump will not be enough!), into City Hall on Main Street. In here, the Cast Members will be able to assist you you and give you an orange Priority Pass which will allow you to 'jump' queues in its own form. So, by taking this pass to the 'Ok' attractions (I'll write a list of what these are below) and/or character Meet 'n' Greets, the Cast Members working on that particular attraction, will give you an appointment time, in which you can return and then do not have to wait in the queue. This was perfect as it meant that you could find something else to do, or even take a break, before going to your desired attraction. 

The walking around the park was a bit of an issue, especially with the crowds. It was pretty hard work, but being in Disneyland did make it that bit easier, because who doesn't feel better when they are in Disney?! I found it pretty hard to stay hydrated all of the time, because although I am normally really good at that, I did find myself forgetting to drink, as well as the heightened cost of food and drink in the parks. 

With regard to food and drink, I would definitely recommend having a big breakfast - whether that be in the park, or in one of the Disney Park Hotels as they do offer a buffet service. I found myself stocking up on enough food to see me through to dinner time, with the help of added popcorn snacks in between! I would also suggest buying the 75cl bottles of water that the parks stock as they are more convenient to carry rather than having to queue up for the smaller bottles each time. 

During our stay here, I was also sporting my 'Baby on Board' TFL pin, and to my surprise, a lot of Cast Members actually noticed and were all congratulating me, which after 2 years of trying to get pregnant, was amazing to hear! It's safe to say that Disney were extremely accommodating to me and I am very grateful for it.

As promised, I will add a list below of what attractions are deemed safe for expectant mothers whilst in Disneyland*:

Disneyland Park

Main Street U.S.A
Disneyland Railroad
Horse Drawn Streetcars
Main Street Vehicles

Legends of the Wild West
Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing
Rustler Roundup Shootin' Gallery
Pocahontas Indian Village
The Chaparral Theatre

La Cabane des Robinson
La Plage des Pirates
Le Passage Enchante d'Aladdin
Adventure Isle

Fantasy land
Le Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant
La Taniere du Dragon
Le Carrousel de Lancelot
Dumbo the Flying Elephant
Alice's Curious Labyrinth
Le Pays des Contes de Fees
'It's a Small World'
Meet Mickey Mouse
Princess Pavillion

Buzz lightyear Laser Blast
Orbitron (Machines Volantes)
Discoveryland Theatre
Les Mysteres du Nautilus
Videopolis Scene de Spectacle

Walt Disney Studios

Front Lot
Disney Studio 1

Production Courtyard
Disney Junior Live!
Stitch Live!
Studio Tram Tour Behind the Magic

Moteurs...Action! Stunt Show Spectacular

Toon Studio
Art of Disney Animation

*This is not a list of attractions that I have deemed safe for pregnancy. The listed attractions were those given to me by a Cast Member in City Hall. It is still down to the expectant mother to decide which attractions she would be comfortable riding.

So there we go, my experience with Disneyland Paris at 28 weeks pregnant!

Thanks lovelies.


 Just through the ticket gates, and the magic already sets in!

 No trip is complete without a Castle picture!

25th Anniversary lamp-post decorations.

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