Periods And Breastfeeding

Perhaps one of my more personal posts, but a post that I think is important to discuss, because I can't say that I had any forewarning when I was pregnant, or once I'd given birth, about the changes that might happen to periods especially when breastfeeding.

I know this is a nitty gritty subject, and perhaps one that people often shy away from, however, it's natural and normal and why shouldn't we be able to be open about it?

This blog post is not medical advice, this is written from my own experience and so is purely my own views. If in doubt, always talk to your doctor!

Let's Stop Telling Breasfeeding Mothers To 'Cover Up'

Breastfeeding is a subject that is very close to my heart, so please excuse the rant filled blog post that you're about to read. 

I find it so disappointing that I'm even writing this and it baffles me that something so natural causes such a divide amongst people. Why are we pitting parents against each other by having the 'breast v bottle' debate. Why are we telling women to 'cover up'? Why do strangers get to put extra strain and stress on mothers when being a parent is hard enough as it is?

Leaf Painting - Sensory Play For Toddlers

I don't often write about the activities that I do with Edith, but I thought this one deserved its own post. 

Edith has really started to get into play activities, and is much more comfortable to explore things on her own. She absolutely loves her crayons, and as started asking for her paints to come out a bit more. So, I thought it would be a nice idea to mix up her painting activity a little and give her some more props to explore the paint with.