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The Best Things About Being A Dad - Dad's Edition

Welcome back!

Welcome to the first official Dads's Edition on Becoming Mumsy

I figured that we could just jump right in and let Max get on with his post. Enjoy!

Hello! Amy has asked me to list some of my Favourite things about being Edith’s Dad. It's something that I wouldn’t necessarily categorise and thinking about it, do I really know what my favourite parts of being a new dad are? 
I think to sum up the experience it would be that you have someone who you love more than anything in the world. They look at you and smile and no matter how bad your day is and will always brighten your mood. It is, love

I say it at least once a day to Amy. I look at Edith in her arms, or playing on the ground or smiling in the back of the car and I say “I just love her, she’s perfect”. - I can confirm this (Amy).


Seeing Edith Happy. Whether it’s the moment she wakes up in the morning, pulling herself up on the side of her cot, at the end of our bed, and seeing her toothy grin over the sides as she beams at us, or her not wanting to go to sleep and laughing as we tell her to lay down at night. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, if she’s happy nothing else matters. It makes everything else seem trivial

Being able to make her giggle as I chase her around the living room or playing with her toys and her being happy to show me whatever she’s picked up. It really is the best feeling to see her happy and enjoying everything life has to offer and including us with it. 

Learning and Engaging

Edith’s got to the age now where she’s really into toys. It doesn’t happen straight away, especially when they don’t have the fine motor controls or ability to move around, it really isn’t as interesting to them. But now she can crawl, and shuffle along the sofa, she seems to really enjoy playtime and will happily sit and play by herself or with me or Amy.

Watching her learn and play with toys, opening the pages of a book, pressing a button that plays a silly song that she bobs up and down to. or just munching on some plastic toys and dribbling everywhere in excitement is great. I think the best part is her wanting to include us in her play, whether it’s showing you her favourite toy and getting you to pretend eat it or helping her stack blocks or help turn the pages in a book, it's a blessing to be part of her playing. 

Bath Time!

Bath time is Dad and Daughter time. I’ve always been the one to give Edith a bath, from when we first came home from the hospital. I think, as a result of Amy being unable to bend over from her Caesarean, it has just stuck

It's something that we can do together and that I can honestly say Edith enjoys me doing it more than Mum (Sorry Amy). She’s a happy bather even from being just a couple of weeks old, and will happily let me get her all squeaky clean whilst she plays with her assortment of bath toys, a small distraction of a foam mirror to help lift her head up and there’s no soap in the eyes! 

Although the baths aren’t long, I take the lack of crying and tears that I am at least doing something right! 

From Wife to Mum

Although I may be the honorary bath giver, it is Mum whom she really can’t get enough of and seeing the way they look at each other is the best thing of all. It’s mum who gives the best cuddles and funny voices and watching Edith grin as Amy walks into the room or the way she cuddles Amy when she’s upset. It makes me so proud to have our little family and getting to have this experience together that I can’t wait to see what Edith likes in the coming years and which parent she goes to for what. 

My favourite thing of all about being a Dad is getting to watch Edith love us and everything she does and see that we must be doing at least something right for her to be as happy as she is (Even if she gives everyone a cold look when out shopping!). 

What are your favourite things about being a dad?


My Weaning Must-Haves.

Welcome back!

I'm keeping in with the theme of 'weaning' this week and it's all well and good sharing our weaning progress thus far, but I thought that it might be useful to show some of my must-haves with weaning!

As a first-time mum, I won't pretend and I will say that I had no clue about what things we would need when giving Edith solids. Sure, I thought we would obviously need a highchair to try to contain her whilst eating, but what else? I didn't really have a clue. So, I've put together a list of things that I have found particularly useful to use when we feed Edith.

Nuby spoons

Although we don't tend to spoon feed Edith, we do sometimes, and it can't hurt to have some baby spoons even if you are strictly doing baby-led weaning. Plus, I think giving babies the option of having a spoon to use at meal times, is great for them to practice their hand-eye coordination skills. 

Anyway, we opted for these Nuby baby spoons, and we all love them. They are lovely and colourful, and also deep enough to have enough food on them to put in Edith's mouth. They are also plastic ones, so there is no metal to damage Edith's developing gums.

Mothercare Apple Highchair

After growing up with young siblings, I knew that babies are messy little people. There are some gorgeous branded highchairs out there, but I knew that, in reality, they would be a waste of money. Highchairs are for dinner after all, and when babies feed themselves, they get very messy (well, Edith does!). 

We opted for a Mothercare own brand highchair. It cost us a bargain £30. It is an easy wipe material, and still looks pretty (I love the bright colours!). 

The only downside that I have to this highchair is that the food tray is not the biggest, so when it comes to using plates, they don't fit! Right now, that isn't really an issue as I don't trust her not to chuck plates or bowls on the floor, so we just put things directly onto the tray for her to eat.

Under highchair messy mat

This has been an absolute life (carpet) saver. We recently upgraded our carpets in our living room/dining room, so I was obviously keen to make sure that weaning didn't ruin them with the copious amounts of food that ends up underneath Edith when she eats!

Anyway, I'm rambling. Initially, we started off with a very thin sheet of plastic which was, quite frankly, rubbish! So, after visiting some family, who had a new table mat, I thought that it would be perfect to serve as an under highchair mat. I asked where they'd got it from, and it was from Dunelm! We visited their haberdashery section, where you can choose what pattern material you'd like and then pay for the size you'd like cutting off. So, we did exactly that and I was chuffed to find that there was a very similar apple print to Edith's highchair! We bought 1.5 metres of the material and it cost us a mere £5 - an absolute bargain, if you ask me!

It's also an easy wipe and easy folding material, so perfect for those messy meals.

Sleeved bibs

If, like us, you're not keen on having to change baby straight after feeding, or aren't keen on the idea of putting them straight in the bath after a meal, then definitely invest in some long sleeved bibs. They don't get in the way, and they save the clothes that are underneath!

Dolly & Beau 'Bapron'

Going along with the theme of bibs, I was introduced to Dolly & Beau a few months ago, and I knew that I had to try one of their signature baprons (bib/aprons), and they do not disappoint!

I have one of these in my changing bag for when we are out and about as they fold away nice and small so do not take up any room. They are waterproof, so perfect for any food that falls down Edith and I can just wipe it away. They also come in a variety of different colours and patterns which some can now be personalised with your child's name, so I know I'm definitely going to be ordering another for Edith!

You can find Dolly & Beau by clicking here.*

*I have not been asked to include any of the products above in this blog post, but they are ones that I just love!

Plates? Bowls?

You may be reading this post and wandering where are the plates and bowls? Well, we don't give them to Edith just yet. Mainly because she has discovered that she can share her food with the cats by dropping it on the floor! So, when we give her meals, we just plonk it on the highchair tray as it is and let her dig in.

Do you have any weaning must-haves?

Thanks, lovelies.


An Introduction To Our Weaning Journey.

Welcome back!

A few months ago, I wrote a post about my first thoughts on weaning, so I thought I'd write an update about how these first few months have gone.

New beginnings

If you read my last post, you'll know that the idea of weaning onto solids made me nervous. I wasn't sure what I was doing (do any of us?), and the thought of her choking terrified me. I was also worried about how it would impact my milk supply. 

My worries aside, it wasn't about what I wanted. Edith needed to start venturing into the world of food, and not just breast milk. I needed to push my worries aside and do what she needed me to.

Where did I start?

As new parents, we are often given advice from lots of different people, and weaning was of no exception. I was often told to start with baby rice, which is exactly what I did. I gave Edith her first try, and to say she was unimpressed would be an understatement. She gave me a puzzled look of confusion as to why I was offering her this sloppy, yet thicker than milk, concoction. So, after a couple of tries, we gave up with baby rice, because it seemed like a waste of time.

I was keen to try out baby-led weaning, but on some occasions it was easier to offer her a pouch. Edith is quite particular with what she'll eat from a spoon, and she will only rarely take a pouch now. However, in the early days, the only brand she would even consider trying would be the Heinz By Nature. We still give her the fruity ones either as a snack in the day, or adding it to porridge for her.

Baby-led Weaning

In my initial thoughts post, I was so sure that I wanted to try and get on board with Baby-led Weaning (BLW), but I just couldn't. Those worries of 'will Edith choke on this?' kept creeping in, so although I wasn't giving purees, I was giving her very mashed up foods, but she wasn't too opposed to that. 

My main concern about BLW with Edith, is that she was quite aggressive with food. She shoves as much as she possibly can into her mouth, and then gags as shes forced it in too much. So, for me to watch her, it sent me nervous beyond belief. I know there is a difference between gagging and choking, but it's still not nice for me to sit and watch!

Three months in

Edith is 9 months old, and if you read her 6 month update, you'll see that I had started giving her bits of foods to try beforehand because she was ready. Although she was ready for food, she got bored of it quite quickly. Edith is much more into food now, but would still rather breast milk.

We now give Edith whatever we are eating for dinner. To begin with, she wasn't bothered at all and would just pick it up and throw it about, but now shes enjoying feeding herself and making a mess, much to Max's dismay (he doesn't like sticky fingers). We find that Edith eats a much bigger quantity of food when we just give her it. She likes the independence and her new found motor skills that allow her to gently pick up her food and put it in (that doesn't mean to say that she doesn't still ram it in!).

It's such a lovely feeling watching your child enjoy things, especially food with all of the new tastes and textures. Some of her favourites include porridge, broccoli, carrot, mash, beans, sweet potato and rice to name a few, but now she's happy to just try anything and everything.

So, being lead by Edith, it looks like we will continue with BLW, and only have pouches if we have to. It is much easier for us being able to let her feed herself, as it means we can also all eat at the same time which I think is important or her. Dinner is family time where we can all sit around the table and catch up on the day, although Edith doesn't do much talking (yet!).


I was frequently told that breastfed babies do not need water until they are over 6 months. So, Edith did not have any until then. She tried it and wasn't fussed so I will admit that I stopped for a while. Now she's bigger and more interested in things, she is enjoying having a sippy cup to have.

To begin with, again, she wasn't sure what to do with a cup because she doesn't use bottles so only knows how to work the boob. She seemed very confused with what to do with this strange thing that I'd given her. I was so keen for her not to have a bottle at all, and after she just couldn't get along with some of the cups that I'd already bought, we invested in a MAM sippy cup, which has been perfect for her. She now looks very chuffed with herself once she's had a drink of water.

How do you feel about weaning? Is there anything you'd like to try or wish you had done?

Thanks, lovelies.


What's To Come From My Blog In 2019

Welcome back!

Firstly, Happy New Year

Secondly, my blog is now one year old - what?! 

Back in December 2017, I started writing my blog after I went on maternity leave early, as an on the side hobby to write down my thoughts and feelings on my journey through motherhood. I've been blown away by all of the support that you guys have given me. From every like, comment and share, I feel so grateful for all of the love that you've shown my small piece of the internet. 

From way back to when I started my blog, I'd like to think that it's had some serious growth in terms of it's appearance and it's content, and I hope you all agree! As with anything, there is always room for more growth and improvement. So, I thought I'd write a post about some of the things that you can expect to see this year on Becoming Mumsy.

Dad's Edition

This is one that I'm super excited for. 

After all of your love for my husband, Max's, guest post on our daughter's 6 month update, it got me thinking. As a couple, we have always been quite open with our silliness and our adventures, so I thought it would be fun to have Max guest post once a month on the second Monday of every month. Similar to me, he'll be sharing some of his experiences since becoming a parent but from a dad's point of view. Expect to see topics covering breastfeeding, pregnancy and fatherhood. 

Although Max and I talk a lot about our new lives together, I think seeing it written down is very different. I know I certainly got a lump in my throat after reading his 6 month update, so I really hope you enjoy reading about his experiences as much as I do!

The first Dad's Edition, will go live on the 14th January 2019. 

More Family Adventures

If you read my last post of 2018, you'll have seen the list of things that I am excited for this year. It's safe to say, it's going to be a busy year ahead but I am so looking forward to what's in store for us!

More Motherhood Rants

We all love a good rant, let's be honest! I do try to keep these at a minimum because they aren't always the most positive and uplifting things to read. However, when I have published more of the nitty gritty subjects, I've had a lot of you message me, or engage with me in some way, to show me that I'm not alone in my thoughts, which is lovely!

So, expect to see more of this in 2019.

More Reviews

I really enjoy writing reviews for products. It also means a lot, especially as a smaller blogger, when companies take a chance on me to promote their products. 

If you'd be interested in working together, please see my Work With Me page. 

Anyway, I hope you'll all continue to follow my journey. 

Thanks, lovelies.


Things I'm Looking Forward To In 2019.

Welcome back!

2018 was by far the best year of my life. I don't think anything can outweigh the birth of your first child. This year has been a rollercoaster trying to adjust to my new life and learning so many new things, as well as enjoying all of our family adventures.


This year has just been beautiful

We started the new year in Disneyland Paris, when I was 28 weeks pregnant (you can read about that here), and it is something that I can't say I'd be in a rush to do again (pregnant at least)!  

Back in February, I was able to celebrate my own baby shower and then fast forward to March when our baby girl was born (My birth story is here)!

We have filled this year with our first family holiday, as well as celebrating special days with family and friends, and I don't think I could properly put into words just how lovely this year has truly been. However, we must always look to the future, so I've written a list of things that I'm excited for in 2019!

What I'm looking forward to in 2019

Edith's first birthday

I can't believe I'm already writing about this! How is my baby going to be one in such a short space of time? Time really does fly. I used to roll my eyes at the advice to 'enjoy it because time flies with a baby', and my goodness, it really, truly does. 

I think for her birthday, we will end up doing a small party for her. I know she will not remember it, but it would be nice for our family and friends to be able to celebrate her birthday with us, after all, it's not every day that you have your first birthday!

Disneyland Paris

We are of course taking a family trip to Disneyland Paris, and this time it's for Edith's first birthday. I cannot wait. We recently had a family trip to Alton Towers, and watching Edith enjoy all of the lights, sounds and bright colours, just adds to my excitement. 

I'm particularly excited to have our character breakfast on her birthday, where hopefully she'll meet my favourite, Minnie Mouse, of course! I'm sincerely hoping that she won't be one of those children that is scared of the characters, but I'm not holding out. 

Again, I'm aware that Edith will not remember our trips that we make whilst she's young, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't do them! For anyone that knows me, will know that I love having photos everywhere around the house, so I cannot wait to have Edith's first Disney trip up on our walls!

Center Parcs

I think this will become yearly tradition, if my mum has anything to say about it! Our first family holiday was to Center Parcs, and it was so much fun. We had been to Center Parcs in France before, however, I had never been to one of the UK sites. It's safe to say that we all had a lovely time there, and couldn't wait to rebook, so here we are, awaiting our next Center Parcs adventure!

Walt Disney World

Now, I don't want to wish 2019 away at all, but I am so excited for Walt Disney World in November! Max and I have visited WDW twice since being a couple, but this will be the first time that we are taking a child in tow - maybe we're crazy?

There are so many things that I'm looking forward to doing there. As we are going so late in the year, the new Star Wars Land in Hollywood Studios should be finished and I can't wait to see the new Pandora - World of Avatar Land in Disney's Animal Kingdom. As well as seeing some of the new developments in WDW, I'll be celebrating my birthday there for the first time, ever. I'm so excited to be able to be in one of my favourite places in the world with my little family!

Watching Edith learn 

Every day, Edith continues to surprise me. From rolling over, to walking across the sofa, she surprises me how suddenly she learns new skills. It's such a joy to be able to sit and watch her develop, especially when I can see that she is enjoying things - it tells me that I'm doing my job right!

So, those are a handful of things that I'm looking forward to in 2019. Is there anything that you're excited for in the new year?

See you there.

Thanks, lovelies.