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5 tips for coping with c-section recovery

Welcome back!

As you may have known, if you've been following my blog, I chose to have an elective c-section in order to birth Edith. I now know first hand what it's like when recovering from the operation, so I thought I'd put together some of my tips on how to cope with the recovery.

1. Take it easy

This is probably the most obvious tip, but it really will make a difference to your recovery. You've just had major stomach surgery. Sitting up right can be a strenuous task in itself and you'll be told to do this within a short time after being out of theatre. 

I'll admit, I was a big baby when it came to getting out of the hospital bed for the first time. I was frequently asked the next morning if I was ready to get out. I wasn't, but I wanted, no I needed to get out of bed before visitors came because I couldn't bear the thought of them watching me struggle. However, I made sure to take my time when it came to moving about and I think it definitely helped.

2. Let others do things for you

Now, after the op, I struggled to even go to the toilet on my own. So, it meant that my mum had to come and help me (thanks, mum!). If you can't do something, then don't do it. You won't be a hero and it wont be an inconvenience. In fact, it would be more of an inconvenience to exert yourself by doing things too soon.

It's the perfect opportunity to get some rest.

3. Rest

Again, linking to taking it easy, resting will definitely help your road to recovery. Resting gives your body the best chance at healing quickly. The most exercise I did was walking, very slowly, up the stairs. Other than that, I was on the sofa or in my bed. Plus, it's a great excuse or soaking up all of the newborn cuddles!

4. Lots of pillows

For me, I found it so useful to have lots of pillows around me. Whilst I was in hospital, I'd had my bed positioned fairly upright when I was resting/sleeping. So, when I came home, I did the same. I liked to be elevated because, although I was looking forward to sleeping on my back again, the thought of laying straight down made me wince. So, lots of pillows certainly helped. It also helped being more upright because it meant I didn't have to struggle up too much when standing up. 

5. Don't try to squeeze into your pre-pregnancy clothes

Your new sensitive, and healing, stomach will not thank you for trying to squeeze into your old clothes. I know how it is though. Once baby is out, the first thing you want to do is feel like yourself again and to do that it's normally wearing some of your old clothes that weren't comfortable to wear during pregnancy. But ladies, ditch the jeans and just stick to the leggings for a little while longer.

Have you had a C-section? Was there anything that you found particularly helpful when recovering?

Thanks, lovelies.


Why parenting isn't all sunshine and daisies

Welcome back!

As a child, or even as a teenager, I was naive enough to think that babies and family life was easy peasy where everything was blissful all of the time. Oh, how naive of me!

So, I thought I'd write a post about why parenting isn't as easy as my younger self might have believed.

Identity loss

I love being a mum, truly, but that doesn't mean to say that I always find it easy or I don't crave a break. I'm only human, after all. There are days where I just need a bit of time to myself, away from being mummy, and just being Amy. 

The title of mum, is the best that I've ever been given and I love being able to provide for Edith every day. There are times where I think to myself 'what would I have done with myself before Edith was here?' and I struggle to remember. In terms of being myself, I don't think parenthood has changed me all that much. I've always been a 'stay in, put some candles on and relax with the TV on in the background' type of girl, so I can't say that much has changed. 

Everyday, I put on a bit of make up, and try to keep myself feeling like me. It's just something that I need to do that makes me feel better, even if it's a day that I'm not going anywhere.

Nothing is off limits

You know the saying 'what's mine is yours'? Well, I've never known anything truer. I thought that that saying was made up for married people, but how wrong I was. Nothing is off limits to a baby. Obviously, I don't let Edith have everything that she wants (safety and all that!), but now that she is more mobile, or at least interested in things, it's become clear that anything that I have, she will also want. So, if you're a parent-to-be, be prepared to share!

Bodily fluids will no longer phase you

Linking in with nothing being off limits, that includes bodily fluids too. Babies are great at being over sharers. I couldn't tell you how many times Edith has either done done a wee on me, or been sick over me (once in my mouth - yuck!). It's clear to say that it no longer bothers me. Of course, there's the odd nappy that is repulsive, but you've gotta do what you've gotta do!

'Mum guilt' is a real thing

I always thought that I'd be happy to still have time to myself. After all, I've just mentioned how I sometimes crave a break but what happens when I do get that break? I feel guilty. I never really knew that mum guilt would be a thing.

There are times when we have a particularly busy weekend and I feel guilty for it. It makes me feel like I should still be closer to our home and giving Edith all of my time. It makes me feel guilty for having time to myself and to enjoy things that don't necessarily involve Edith. I know for my own sanity though, that I need to just get on with doing those busy things, but sometimes the guilt is hard.

I think it all comes down to - am I doing the best for my baby? - because I think that's what every parent ultimately wants.

Say goodbye to date nights

Much to our dismay, cinema date nights are a thing of the past. Let me put that into context a little bit more. We used to always go to the cinema. It was our thing. No fancy dinners, or anything particularly extravagant but we would always enjoy going to the cinema, and maybe grabbing some dinner beforehand. I think the last time we managed a cinema trip in was to see Coco before I was due to have Edith. We have been able to squeeze in a baby cinema trip, which was great. Edith slept the whole way through the film, even thought it was quite loud, but it definitely felt like we were us again.

I know some people are probably wondering, 'why don't they let someone look after Edith?' and the answer to that would be that the mum guilt would creep in. Plus, with having Edith breastfeeding, I wouldn't be able to leave her that long in case she wanted the booby! Overall though, I'm not overly upset about the lack of date nights, because we do still have time together, and this time in our lives won't last forever, either. Edith won't always need us around her all of the time.

Now, this post probably sounded like I was complaining about parenthood, and I'm not. We wanted this so badly and it is everything that I'd hoped it would be. However, it doesn't mean to say that parenting isn't hard and it certainly isn't all sunshine and daisies.

Is there anything that you find particularly difficult about being a parent?

Thanks, lovelies.


My Favourite Baby Toiletries

Welcome back!

I recently posted about my favourite baby products, so I thought I'd also make one about my favourite toiletries that I use on Edith because there are just so many out there!

Burts Bees Baby 

Burts Bees products are by far my favourite. I've used these since Edith was a newborn, and I just love them. We use the baby body wash & shampoo for bath time, which smells gorgeous and feels really soft when putting it on. 

I also use their moisturiser, not often, but again feels and smells great. It was really helpful when Edith was first born to be able to put on some of her dry spots that she had on her face. It quickly cleared it up!


In my changing bag, I make sure that I always have a pack of WaterWipes. Growing up with a big family, meant that I have used a variety of different baby wipes, but WaterWipes are by far my absolute favourite. I love that they don't have harsh chemicals or perfumes in them. They are also the wettest wipes that I've used which means I don't go through as many per nappy change.

Metanium Everyday Easy Spray Barrier Lotion

This is a recent favourite. Edith got a very sore bottom when her first teeth were coming in, and I'd tried every other cream about - Bepanthen, Sudocrem, Burts Bees Nappy Cream, etc, but nothing was working. In the end, I came across this little spray and after the first time applying it, Edith's soreness went down and was gone by the end of the next day. It's a great cream. Although it is a spray, it is a creamy consistency, just not as thick as some of the other creams that I've just mentioned. As a pre-warning, be careful with this cream around dark items of clothing as it can stain!

I ended up buying another bottle of this to keep in my changing bag too. 

Dentinox Cradle Cap Shampoo

When Edith was smaller, she got awful cradle cap. It was so horrible to look at. I'd tried using baby oil to soften the flakes, but it wasn't very effective. I was then recommended Dentinox Cradle Cap Shampoo, and I've not looked back since. I still use this shampoo to keep it from coming back, as Edith often gets a dry scalp if I don't use it.

The Smell of the shampoo is lovely as it smells like rose oil. If your baby is suffering with cradle cap, definitely invest!

So, there we have it. Those are some of my favourite baby toiletries. Do you have any favourites?

Thanks, lovelies.


*This post has not been sponsored by any of the above companies. This is just what works for us, and is by no means advice on what should be used. It's just about finding what works best for you and your baby.

Our New Family Tradition - Autumn.

Welcome back!

Before I was pregnant, I often wondered how we would make our own family traditions. Now that we have Edith, we are able to make those family decisions about what will and won't work. There were a few things that I just knew that I would love to do with a family of my own, and I'm not sure that this was one of them, after all, pumpkin picking in England has only really become a big thing within the last few years, (or maybe I never really paid that much attention).

Why pumpkin picking?

Every year, we carve our own pumpkins (bar the exception of last year). Usually, we just pop to the nearest supermarket and grab a pumpkin out of one of those giant cardboard boxes, but where's the fun in that?

So, this year, I made it my mission to make sure we would go pumpkin picking with Edith, after all, it is her first Halloween out of my tummy!

Where did we go?

We visited Cattows Farm. We had been there before, so we knew it was a lovely place to visit. It was pretty busy when we arrived, which seemed like a good sign to me. Although it was busy, there was plenty of room and plenty of pumpkins to be picked!

We were very happy with the prices of our pumpkins too. They were so reasonably priced, as sometimes there can be a worry that Pick Your Own can become quite expensive. It's safe to say that we went a bit overboard with how many pumpkins we bought, but it was so worth it, both for the price and the experience!

Cutest pumpkin in the patch

Much to Max's dismay, at the time, I had bought an outfit ready for Edith to wear to the patch. Call me cheesy, or predictable, but I couldn't resist. Max did agree that she looked very cute in her little pumpkin outfit!

Here are a few more snaps of our day out:


Max and I have always carved pumpkins together, so this is an existing tradition for us. However, I was keen for Edith to help us this year as I thought it would be a great sensory activity for her too.

The pumpkins had been kept outside so they were pretty cold when we got them in. Edith wasn't too pleased to be touching the chilly insides of the pumpkin, but she still got stuck in. We had a Halloween playlist playing whilst we were carving our pumpkins to add to the Halloween spirit!

Do you have any Halloween/Autumn traditions?

Thanks, lovelies.


My favourite baby products.

Welcome back!

As a first time mum, I had no idea what things would be the most useful for me and Edith. There were so many reviews, and opinions on products, that it's hard to work out what would be the best for us. So, I thought I'd put together a post on some of the things that I have found to be useful, in the first few months of Edith's life.

Sleepyhead Deluxe+

Every new parent dreads the horror stories that seem to follow newborn and sleep. I know, I was one of them. It seems that it's been drummed into us that all babies will just not sleep at nighttime, and how 'you'll never sleep again' once a baby is thrown into the mix. I don't deny that some babies don't like sleeping at night, but thankfully Edith hasn't been one of them. Don't get me wrong, to begin with, in the first weeks, Edith did not sleep unless she was cuddling me. I would go to bed dreading trying to sleep, because I hated her in the bed with us. I didn't feel safe. So, I knew that I had to do something.

We had tried a Moses basket, which seems to be the most normal thing to do. What baby doesn't have/like a Moses basket? My baby, what's who. We tried everything to try and get her to sleep in there, but we just saw failed attempts each night. 

We tried our Chicco Next2Me, which Edith will still not sleep in. I love the idea of the Next2Me, but Edith, apparently, does not. 

In the end, we resulted, in buying a Sleepyhead Deluxe+. Oh my. What a magical pillow. From the moment we used it, Edith has slept beautifully. So, if there is one product that I owe my sanity to, it's definitely the Sleepyhead.

Cosatto Giggle 2 Travel System

I love, love, love my travel system. When I first found out I was pregnant, if not before, I knew that I wanted to walk my baby around in a Cosatto Giggle 2. It has not disappointed. I love the vibrant colours that the company have on all of their products. It's so lightweight, and compacts down nicely so even fits in our relatively small boot of the car. 

Edith is also a big fan, as I frequently see her looking up at the print inside the hood.

Angelcare Bath Seats

If, like me, you have a bit of a worry with giving baby their first bath, then a bath seat is a must. I was convinced that I would co-bathe with Edith, but having a c-section put that on hold whilst I healed. Max, did co-bathe with Edith a few times in the beginning, but I'm not sure he enjoyed getting baby poo in the bath!

So, we got an Angelcare bath seat. It's great and Edith was comfortable in there. It also comes with a handy hoop at the back that means it can be hung up with a suction hook when not in use.

I would definitely recommend this as a starter bath seat until baby is bigger.

Now that Edith is older, she is in the next size up bath seat. We purchased an Angelcare sitting up bath seat, and Edith loves it. She loves having a bath anyway, but now that she's sitting up independently, she loves to be able to splash and play with her bath toys.

Edith loves her baths now that she can sit up and splash!

Joie 360 Spin Car Seat

Our initial car seat that came with our travel system, wasn't my favourite. Edith hated being in it, and would cry so much that she would be red and blotchy. As a mum, it was horrible watching my baby get so upset. So, we decided that we needed to invest in something new. Something that she would, hopefully, like. After doing lots of research, I was keen to try out the Joie 360 Spin. It does not disappoint!

I'd heard great reviews about this car seat, so we popped to our local Mothercare and tested it out with Edith.

It's such an easy car seat to be able to get Edith in and out of, as it is able to spin around, you guessed it, 360. Edith no longer cries when she goes into the car, and even enjoys a little snooze!

I wish we had bought this before Edith was born, as it's made our car journeys much more enjoyable.

Tula Baby Carrier

I absolutely love our Tula! Originally, we had bought a baby wrap and I just could not get on with it. For me, it was such a pain to try and get on and then getting Edith in securely, on my own, was a nightmare. I was so keen to baby wear though, and that's when I came across the Tula.

After going on a long walk with the pushchair, over a field, I realised that the pushchair was not the most suitable way to transport Edith around on all terrains. I did lots of research about the kind of carrier that I wanted, but my heart was set on a Tula. I love that the material is breathable and that the positioning is ergonomic to adapt to baby's development. It's super easy for me to be able to put on myself, without any help and it also has a small pocket to put phones, keys, etc in!

Baby Einstein Rhythm of the Reef Activity Saucer

I wasn't sure I'd be keen to buy something like this for Edith, but it's been a godsend. Sometimes, I need 5 minutes to just sit down, so having one of these for her to play in is great. The seat inside swivels 360, and there are three height positions that can be used to grow with her.

There are lots of colours and interactive toys on there, and she loves being able to show us that she can use them properly!

BT Video Baby Monitor 6000

There are so many different monitors currently on the market, so I have no idea what is good and what isn't. What I do know, is that I love this monitor. I have Edith napping upstairs during the day, and I like to be able to still keep an eye on her. I'm not keen on the ones that you can just hear baby, so I bought one that we can see her in too.

I'm able to talk through the monitor to Edith if I need to, and it also plays lullabies, but we aren't so keen on those as they can be a bit loud and they just wake Edith up even more. However, overall, I love that the screen is pretty big, the volume controls and the zoom in features are all great.

Medela Swing Electric Breast Pump

One for the breastfeeding mamas. Again, I had no idea which breast pump would be worth investing in, or even, if it would be worth investing in at all. I do love this pump though. It's comfortable when using, and isn't too loud either. Being able to change the suction power is great too depending on what your let down is like. So, if you're looking for an electric pump, this is definitely one that I recommend!

Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump

This is a nifty little thing, and very effective! I don't use this as a pump, but of course it can be. I use this to collect my let down which can be quite strong, so it saves me from leaking out of my other boob whilst feeding on the other. It's crazy how much milk goes to waste during a feed! I just suction it on to my breast and then it does the rest for me - simple!

What are some of your favourite products?

Thanks, lovelies.


*This post is purely my own opinion and is not sponsored by any of the above companies.